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If not me then who?, This is the question that laid the foundation for the birth of LadyBug Foundation. We are a group of individuals who share a similar backgrounds and passions in philanthropy. Our first step was to start #FreeThePeriod initiative which is a program that we aim to grow globally. In this program we are adamant to make basic sanitary products for ladies their prerogative. LadyBug Foundation is a registered NPO allocated the registration number 221-745 NPO.

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LadyBug Foundation

LadyBug Foundation Co-Founders


Lindokuhle Msibi

Entreprenuer, Co-Founder & Vice-Chair of LadyBug Foundation

I'm an enthusiastic person, down to earth and loves life. I love challenges because they present an opportunity for growth. I'm dynamic, and result driven. I believe in investing in humans and the youth especially the disadvantaged ones. The future and economy of our country depends on our young Kings and Queens.

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  • Mobile:      +27 78 381 7762

Relationship Manager

Lerato Keele

Relationship Manager of LadyBug Foundation

Lerato is passionate about impactful change and making a difference in the lives of communities that seek fulfilment of basic human rights and needs. The goal is to create better households leading to better societies resulting to a better nation. LadyBug aims to be that positive change and we are excited to be a part of this journey!

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  • Mobile:      +27 72 440 7409

Sfiso Tshabalala

Founder & Chair of LadyBug Foundation

An amazing human being who is so full of life, a thought leader, truly in the present moment enjoying co-creating lovable experiences with the most awesome people to help create change. I'm a technology enthusiast, love reading, writing, motorcycles, traveling Africa and the world exploring various cultures, and I'm a sports fanatic.

It's all about being useful and making the most basic of steps to help make the world a better place. I believe that a positive impact in my small community will contribute to a bigger change in the world.

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  • Mobile:      +27 72 678 3971

Asitandile Kalashe

Communications & Secretary of LadyBug Foundation

I am a human being in the true sense of the word, I am a free-spirited adventure seeking individual. I believe that tasks that first seem to be impossible are those that bring about the greatest possibilities. I am an advocate for social justice and human rights, as they are pillars of attaining in addition to upholding human dignity.

“There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made.” - Michelle Obama

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  • Mobile:      +27 79 031 3631

Mihlali Ntoi

Management & Treasurer of LadyBug Foundation

I am an action orientated individual who finds great pleasure in applying creativity in everything I do. I also enjoy solving problems. I appreciate everything related to the arts - theatre, film, visual arts - you name it! I am also a travel enthusiast, always up for some adventure or an outdoor activity. One of my favourite things to do is to meet and learn about different people and immerse myself in different cultures.

LadyBug is close to my heart because it represents so much more than providing free sanitary products- it is about empowering the young girl and those around her. Empowered people empower people and make more informed decisions. This is what we aim to achieve through this organisation.

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  • Mobile:      +27 71 496 2566

Bela Mabija

Portfolio Manager of LadyBug Foundation

An optimistic advocate of humanity, achiever, mentor, coach and maximiser who believes in people's capabilities and abilities. She finds joy in working in meaningful projects for the community and the world. She is one of the most energetic life cheerleaders. She lives in pursuit of the perpetual challenge to crack.

LadyBug is to fulfill the feeling of owning the present everything I have and the feeling of finding it hard to rest because there is so much more to do. Unlocking the ultimate potentials of humans can enable us to continue in building extraordinary future leaders, productive achievers and positive society members.

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  • Mobile:      +27 79 055 3619

Palesa Mabitsela

Social Media / Event Manager of LadyBug Foundation

A driven young professional with a desire for adventure and knowledge. I always seek to create a better environment. I believe in that no man is an island and the main purpose of the Ladybug Foundation resonates with many of my personal values. My hope is to be impactful in the action of the service of all communities we will grow with.

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